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iLPC – Module 2 Exam

This test that you are about to take contains questions related to the hypothetical scenario described below. Kindly, copy and paste the problem in a notepad/Word file for you to refer while you answer the questions.

On Friday 1st December an advertisement promoting the sale of 10” Android tablet computers for a special price of £60 per unit was delivered to some local retailers. The minimum trade order was stated as 100 units and any retailer wanting to accept had to notify the seller, Adam, by the end of the month.

At 9.00am on Saturday 2nd December Bilal left a message on Adam’s answer phone requesting 500 units for immediate delivery. Adam did not check his answer phone until the afternoon of Tuesday 5th December.

Clair e-mailed Adam on the 2nd December at 10.00am stating she would take 80 units provided she could have them at the discount price. Later at 3.00pm she sent another e-mail telling Adam to ignore her last e-mail and that she now wanted 200 units.

Dewan posted a letter on Saturday 2nd December ordering 1000 units. He said it would help if delivery could be staggered over two weeks as he was currently refurbishing his storage warehouse; but if not, he could make other arrangements. The letter was delayed by a postal strike and arrived on Tuesday 5th at 10.00am.

On Monday 4th December Adam received a message from his supplier telling him that they could no longer supply him with any units. Later the same day Adam uploaded a message to his company’s web-page stating that the 10” Android tablet was no longer available. He also printed another flyer repeating this message and posted it (first class) to all those retailers who had received the original advertisement. It was delivered to Bilal, Claire and Dewan at 9.00am on Tuesday 5th and read by them at 12 noon.

In relation to the above scenario, answer the questions that follow.

iLPC – Module 2 Exam

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