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Q1: How do I sign up for a course offered by Law Pundits?

You can sign up for any of the courses offered by Law Pundits by visiting the sign up page and completing the sign up process which is as easy as creating a normal e-mail account.

Q2: Is any specific qualification mandated to sign up for the Law Pundits courses?

There is no mandate as to the minimum qualification expected for taking to Law Pundits courses. Most of our courses are designed for professionals. Hence it is advisable that if you are a student you be in your final or penultimate year of college study.

Q3: What are the payment methods available to pay for admission to courses?

Currently the following payment methods are available to make payments towards courses:
a) Cheque
b) Demand Draft
c) Internet Banking/Wire Transfer
d) Credit Card and Debit card payment is possible, if you send us a specific request for making payment via Credit or Debit card.

Q4: How do I access the Law Pundits learning portal?

You can access the learning portal by visiting the login page and entering your registered email id and password.

Q5: How can I learn using the Law Pundits learning portal?

Once you access the learning portal by logging in using your registered email id and password, you will be directed to a profile page where you can access the courses for which you have enrolled. Within the portal you can also watch a demonstration video on how to learn with the Law Pundits learning portal.

Q6: How can I download the learning materials of the Law Pundits courses?

As of now, we have not enabled a direct download facility within the learning portal. The reading material can only be printed using the print dialogue.

Please note that the file reader has to completely load the file for every page to be loaded into the web-browser that you are using. So, give it some time before you click on the option for printing the reading material. The loading time would depend upon the size of the file. Once the file is completely loaded, scroll down and check whether all pages are loaded. Then you may activate the print option.

Q7: When do I have to attempt the tests for the courses?

The Level Exams are designed to test your learning for each module covered by the course. Questions are asked primarily from the reading list and the LP Learn learning materials. You can attempt the tests after you have completed learning the module. But make sure that you are confident in taking the test because if you are unable to secure at least 50% marks that would lead to failure of the test and you would have to wait for a week to give another attempt.

Q8: Is there a way to interact with the students studying for the courses?

You can log in to the Law Pundits Forum and actively interact with the students studying for the programme. You can log in to the forum using your Law Pundits id. You can also post queries and doubts regarding the courses or the learning portal within the forum. However, please note you can use this function only if you are a current student of law pundits.

Q10. What browsers are supported for use with the online courses?

We recommend that you access the Law Pundits website and the learning portal using modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. If you are using any other web browser, then kindly make sure that you have the necessary plugins like Java and Flash are installed and the cookies function are turned on.

Q11. What if I have technical trouble with registration, login, or course access?

You could mail us the problem that you are facing with registration, login or course access to [email protected] or you could also message us through the feedback box within the Law Pundits learning portal or post a query on the Law Pundits Forum.

Q12. Are courses only offered in English?

Yes, as of now, the courses are offered only in English.

Q13. Is there a walk-through of a sample course session?

You can find the demonstration video on learning with the Law Pundits learning portal once you login to the portal.

Q14. When does my course start and/or finish?

The course is expected to be completed, from the side of the student, within 6 months from the date of receiving access to the programme. However it can be finished sooner or later according to the schedule of the learner.

Q15. Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes. You can apply for the new course directly from your profile page.

Q16. Can I get a paper copy of my certificate?

Once you complete the course successfully; you will be sent a hard copy of your certificate within 3-4 weeks from the date of completion.

Q17. I lost my certificate – can you resend it to me?

Duplicates of certificates will be provided only after a payment of an amount of $ 100/£ 50 is remitted in favour of Law Pundits LLP through the payment options available.