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Preparing and Applying for an LLM at Top 10 Law School

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This training teaches you modern contract drafting and reviewing skills. And equips you with the key skills to analyze international contracts, “smart contracts” and data-driven contracts.


The highly competitive international business environment demands the best contracts for smooth and profitable operation. Be it Employment Contracts, Shareholder’s Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, Asset Purchase Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding, it is essential to protect your clients’ interests by ensuring a well-drafted and negotiated contract. In this training program hosted by Law Pundits and conducted by Mr. Malcolm Dowden, Legal Director of Womble Bond Dickinson, London, UK we train you on Contract Drafting, Negotiation and how modern contract drafting has changed to include “Smart Contracts” and “Data driven” contracts.

You will learn powerful techniques for:

  • Planning, organising and structuring your agreements
  • Making your legal writing clearer and more persuasive, and
  • Securing the best possible outcome for your clients
  • Specific issues include:
  • Governing law and jurisdiction clauses – How do you ensure that they govern the whole commercial relationship?
  • Warranties, representations and indemnities – What are the differences, and why do they matter
  • Guarantees and performance bonds – How do you ensure that they will work?
  • Liquidated damages and limitations on liability – What are the rules
  • How contract is evolving to “Smart Contracts” and “data driven” contracts and how you can incorporate Smart Contracts in your work.

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