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Mediation Training: Masterclass on Mediation for Lawyers, Counsels, and Legal Professionals

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This training takes a deep dive into Mediation and developing mediation skills. The training will help professionals to develop the skills needed for dispute resolution – a comprehensive understanding of mediation strategies and techniques, enabling professionals to foster a harmonious work environment and effectively resolve conflicts.


In today’s multifaceted work environment, the ability to mediate and resolve conflicts is invaluable. With rising expectations of swift dispute resolution, professionals in the legal sectors are increasingly seeking expertise in mediation. Join our comprehensive online masterclass tailored to equip legal professionals with the skills, techniques, and strategies essential for effective mediation.  This training program seeks to empower lawyers, in-house counsels, and HR professionals with the strategies and techniques essential for effective mediation in diverse scenarios.


Hosted by Law Pundits and Fidana Alieva as the trainer, who is a seasoned expert in Mediation, this masterclass will equip attendees with best practices and actionable insights. Whether you’re a practicing lawyer with several years of experience, in-house counsel, or a young lawyer, this training will elevate your proficiency in conflict resolution through the use of mediation.


What You Will Learn:

  • Discovering Mediation Basics: Participants will acquire a fundamental understanding of what mediation is and how it differs from litigation and arbitration.


  • Exploring Mediator’s Role: Attendees will gain an understanding of different mediation approaches and styles.


  • Navigating Mediation Process: Participants will learn the step-by-step process of mediation, from initiation to the final agreement.


  • Learning about Conflict Resolution Techniques: Attendees will gain comprehensive knowledge of techniques and tools used in mediation to help parties identify common interests and work toward mutually acceptable solutions. 


  • Understanding Mediation Ethical Standards: Attendees will become well-versed in the ethical guidelines, principles governing mediation practices, and professional standards associated with mediation. 

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