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Our Services

Our Services


Avail services of lawyers and legal academics with quick, efficient and affordable outsourced legal research, writing and analysis. Access to most concise and accurate research, prepared by dedicated legal research team. We provide top quality research for all areas and specializations. Expertise in virtually all areas of law, from short – single issues to complex litigation.Research conducted for law firms, solo practitioners, in – house legal departments, government departments and institutions.


Transcribe court proceedings, wiretap transcription, legal letter transcription, trial transcription, verbatim transcription and general correspondence transcription. Accurate, cost effective and timely legal transcription services to lawyers, law firms and other organizations. We have well trained teams to deal with different accents and speech variations for better performance and faster turnarounds.


We have exceptionally well trainedteam for the process of “abstracting” clauses and other pertinent information from a paper contract into data useable by a Contract Management System. Contractual documents may run into hundreds of pages, gaining a blanket view of which may become considerably tedious and time-consuming for an attorney/manager. The process of culling out the specifics of a contract including relevant dates, clauses and pertinent information regarding the parties, is necessary to construct an abstract.


Our paralegal and secretarial service includes:

  1. Drafting letters and pleadings
  2. Client interviews through VOIP communication
  3. Investigations
  4. Proofreading and editing
  5. Retrieval of documents and filing
  6. Preparation of trial books
  7. Drafting briefs
  8. Filing, calendar systems and time sheets
  9. Translations
  10. In – House training programs
  11. Most of the paralegal services are provided by qualified lawyers


During this phase, each page of data in a collection is reviewed and analyzed – automatically through technological means and manually through our attorneys and paralegals – to determine what documents must be withheld from production to opposing counsel. The legal team conduct a first pass review in order to analyze documents for relevance and code or mark them for relevant subject matter. After the information is processed, the legal team of seniors conducts a Quality check and more detailed review to determine what documents should be withheld from production. The steps which we follow for the document review process are:

  •  Training the resources
  •  Analyzing key issues involved
  •  Important search terms
  •  Separation of data
  •  First line review
  •  Quality check
  •  Quality audit
  •  Ensure high quality levels in deliverables by diligently following provided SOPs and other documentation


Law Pundits has a team of qualified professionals in its contracts team and has been helping our customers with incredible savings in both time and costs, without compromising on quality. Contract negotiations can be time-consuming and difficult. Our attorneys can assist in the negotiations and help with drafting and reviewing contracts, looking out for the individual’s best interests. For high margin matters, however, outsourcing the contracting drafting and review process is always smart move.


Concise and accurate deposition summaries prepared by a team of experienced researchers, lawyers, paralegals and writers of all types of cases.Carefully reducing testimony to simple facts and record dates, names, figures and exhibits and eliminate irrelevant information and categorize subject matter into articulate paragraphs.We provide a page summary format which is an outline of the transcript with the help of titles corresponding to each consecutive page.Further, information arranged in sections which specify where relevant information is to be found.We deliver complete documents in standard page line format with topic lines, two column styles or three column styles via electronic attachment in Word, RTF or PDF formats.


Our Transaction Support team consists of lawyers focusing on the diverse aspects of structuring, negotiating, documenting and implementing complex commercial transactions like mergers and acquisitions and private equity / venture capital investments which enable you to negotiate, structure, and close business deals in ways aligned with your business strategies and organizational vision. We have fully capable team to assist you in all negotiations right from document drafting to reviewing and analyzing all key aspects of sale, purchase acquisition and investment. We also draft documents prepared from precedents and review and analysis of existing documents.