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Professional Training

At the heart of Law Pundits services are the professional training programmes we conduct for professionals from both the public and private sectors. We provide training on a wide range of legal topics. Every year we conduct a series of in-house as well as public training programmes across the globe. Each of our training programmes are aimed at small groups, so as to facilitate the maximum amount of interaction with the trainer and between attendees.

Our aim is to provide focused training directly relevant to your business needs. We can help you to assess your training needs and will work closely with you to train you in a way that works best for you. Draw on our expertise and practical resources to develop up-to-date understanding of the issues that matter and insight into how to the latest and best practices on whatever topics that we are providing the training on.

Our training programme will

  • Assist you to develop and sharpen relevant skills
  • Explain the latest legal and commercial developments affecting your business/economy
  • Train you on the best practices.
  • Update you on the latest developments on law
  • Train you to successfully manage complex issues in-house

Our training programmes are well received. We cater to diverse range of professionals ranging from lawyers in private practice, in house counsels, senior managers, Human Resource professionals, contract managers, procurement managers, Company Secretaries, CEOs, CFOs and COOs. Even professionals from disciplines ranging from Bio-technology, Pharmaceutical and Engineering attend our training events. Some of the companies that attended training events in the past includes, professionals from Microsoft, HP, Philips, Wipro, Thomson Reuters, Samsung, Mitsubishi Corporation, Neyveli Lignite Corporation among others.

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All of our presenters are specialist lawyers which mean they can provide insight into real-life problems and situations. For our upcoming training programs.

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